These Activities Make It Easy to Experience the Beauty of Banff in Winter

When the snow falls, Banff National Park takes on a quieter and more serene feel. The mountain peaks shimmer with fresh powder and you’re more likely to notice a grazing elk or deer against a backdrop of pure white.

That’s why Banff Trail Riders has opened up its Sundance Lodge from December to March, providing skiers with a very easy way to access the pristine, snow-layered backcountry.

It’s just the latest wintertime activity we’re offering to help more people get out and experience the beauty of Banff.

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Private Banff sleigh ride with sparkling wine with Banff Trail Riders
Limited Space

Private Sleigh Ride

Our romantic sleigh ride package is perfect for just the two of you! Experience the romance of Banff in winter
Throughout the day
Banff Sleigh Ride
Family Fun

Sleigh Ride

Spend some time in a winter wonderland on a sleigh ride through the mountain meadows. Our excursion begins at Warner
Throughout the day
Skiers at Sundance Lodge in Banff, Canadian Rockies
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Ski and Stay Sundance Lodge

For those seeking a remote getaway from the norm, Sundance Lodge is the perfect retreat! Powered by solar power and

Rent A Log Cabin

For a winter getaway your group won’t soon forget – the entire backcountry lodge to yourself. Sundance Lodge offers backcountry comfort