Simple, secluded and incredibly pristine.

Staying at one of these campsites is the ultimate way to re-live the days of Banff’s original trail riders. But they also offer far more than just a spot to pitch a tent.

Both camps are fully catered and include live-in cooks, who all love to show off their backcountry culinary skills. Gather inside the big kitchen tent to dine on succulent steak or chicken. There’s plenty of table space inside too, including room for card games when the sun goes down.

Here’s what else you should know:

  • Each campsite is surrounded by an electric fence that keeps curious critters out
  • Outhouses, which are meticulously cleaned, can be found at every camp
  • Crystal clear water is supplied by nearby glacial streams, which is then filtered for drinking
  • You’ll sleep in classic canvas wall tents – similar to the type used by Banff’s Old West trail riders
  • Kick up your feet next to the community fire pit and swap tales about the day’s ride

We take travellers to two different camps:

Flints Camp

Surrounded by the limestone cliffs of summit ridges, the valley features alpine wildflower meadows and rockslides inhabited by marmots and pikas.

Stoney Creek

The craggy peaks of the Palliser Mountain Range provide a stunning backdrop at this wilderness camp. And when night falls, relax by the campfire while listening to the murmur of nearby Stoney Creek.


Horseback Tent Trip in Banff, Canadian Rockies with Banff Trail Riders
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