Meet Aardvark! This awesome appaloosa mule is both broke to ride and pack. He is a favourite among many and has quite the character! A lesson all of the new packers must learn when packing Aardvark is he loves food. He will eat anything you offer him. He not only

Meet Amigo! This little horse absolutely loves taking guests into the back country on our multi-day trips! He is a sure-footed and reliable horse that we can always count on to take our younger and more nervous guests down the trail. Amigo has been on every trail and to every

Meet Bart! Bart is trained to both ride and to pull carriages and sleighs. Bart used to work downtown Banff taking guests on carriage rides, but has decided to make a change and take guest around horseback to see the trails around Banff National Park. Bart is always full of

Meet Zeke! You would never think that Zeke was an ex barrel racing horse when riding him out on the trails. Zeke is a go-to for our guides with our young and timid riders. We can fully put our trust in him with putting nothing but confidence and a smile

Meet Whiskey! Whiskey came to us as a 3 year old and clearly loves his job! This little sorrel has an in your pocket personality, and he will follow you around for pats all day. You can find him at our Warner Stables location taking guests out for hourly trail

Meet Trigger! Trigger is always so eager to show people around Banff National Park. He prefers to take kids out on our trails, making him one of our taller kid’s horses. He knows he’s tall for the little ones so he will drop his head nice and low so that

Meet Roper! Roper is one of our hard working mules that takes groceries, duffel and feed out to our most remote camps. Roper loves his job, and even cries out to his packer saying “you forgot me” if he is left behind at camp for a day off. He loves

Meet Lakota! This appaloosa gelding has a “blanket” pattern over his rump – blanketed appaloosas have a large white patch over the hind end with spots the same colour as the rest of their body. This handsome fellow is currently a guide horse, leading the way and showing our guests

Meet Butch! Butch is the smallest of our heavy horses that pulls our carriages and sleighs and he may be small, but he is mighty! Butch was bred as a cart horse and makes it look easy. Though he is a great horse now, when he first started at Banff

Meet Bugsy! Bugsy came to Banff Trail Riders at the beginning of 2015 with his brother Jesus and they are the smallest of their Banff Trail Riders’ mule family. Bugsy used to be very timid around people, and super hard to catch. Now he will come right up to you