Please take a moment to review the restrictions and waivers required for activities with Banff Trail Riders.


  • Guests participating in the trail horseback rides need to be 8 years or over, and guests participating in backcountry rides need to be 9 years or over.
  • All horseback rides have a maximum weight of 230lbs.
  • Banff Trail Riders is committed to the health of our horses and the safety of our guests, which means that the minimum age and maximum weight requirements are strictly enforced. As part of the check-in process, guests may be required to confirm their current weight on a scale and provide proof of the child’s age. In the event that these requirements are not met, the booking will be forfeited without a refund.
  • Please note that children will not be paired with an adult – they must ride their own horse.
  • For our foreign visitors we require an understanding of basic English for our horseback rides, so that you can understand simple instructions from our guides.
  • All minors under 18 years old participating in a horse activity must have a parent or legal guardian on the ride with them.
  • For safety purposes helmets are mandatory to be worn by all riders on a trail ride, and all backcountry riders aged under 18 years of age. Helmets are optional but recommended for backcountry riders aged 18 years and over.
  • Riders must wear sturdy closed toed shoes enclosed to the ankle – no open toe shoes or shoes with big heels.
  • Adults must sign a waiver for all activities, and a waiver must also be completed by the parent or legal guardian of any person under the age of 18 (documentation may be required to confirm the signatory’s authority).
  • Riders must be physically capable of controlling the horse during the ride without assistance and for the health and safety of all riders we regrettably cannot accommodate any disabilities or special needs riders. We recognize that disabled riding is a unique and respected skill set that we at the barns do not have the appropriate equipment or skills to safely execute.


Waiver for Adults (Summer)

Adults must sign a waiver for all summer activities including hourly rides, backcountry trips and carriage rides.


Banff Trail Riders Waiver for Adults

Waiver for Adults (Winter)

Adults must sign a waiver for all winter activities including Sundance Lodge stays and sleigh rides.


Banff Trail Riders' Winter Waiver for Adults

Waiver for Minors (Under 18)

Parents/legal guardians must complete a waiver for any minor for all activities (documentation may be required to confirm the signatory’s authority).

Banff Trail Riders Waiver for Minors under 18