Gift giving has never been so easy.  You select the amount and we’ll send you an electronic confirmation straight away with the gift certificate number and redemption code.

The lucky recipient can then redeem it online or at our reservation store, towards any of our summer horseback rides and backcountry trips or winter sleigh rides (please note that gift certificates cannot be redeemed for items at the retail store). Plus, the value purchased on gift certificates never expires.

Alternatively if you would prefer to purchase a gift certificate for a particular tour or activity, please contact our Reservations Team directly on 1-800-661-8352 so that we can assist you.


Take a guided horseback ride along the Bow River with Banff Trail Riders in the Canadian Rockies
Most Popular

Bow River Ride - 1 Hr

Treat yourself to a relaxing one-hour ride that takes you past some of the most awe-evoking scenery in Banff National
Throughout the day
1 Hour
Horseback ride through the Spray River with Banff Trail Riders

Spray River Ride - 1 Hr

Cross a tranquil river on horseback and then admire an enchanting Rocky Mountain waterfall. The one-hour Spray River Horseback Ride
Throughout the day
1 Hour
Banff snowy sleigh ride in the Canadian Rockies with Banff Trail Riders
Family Fun

Sleigh Ride

Spend some time in a winter wonderland on our sleigh rides through Banff's mountain meadows. Our excursion begins at our
Throughout the day
40 Mins
Horseback Ride to a Cowboy Steak Cookout with Banff Trail Riders
Family Fun

Ride with BBQ Cookout

Get a taste of the mountain air with a horseback ride along the base of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, to
11:30am, 4:00pm, 5:00pm
3 Hours


10 km ride in Banff was great. Didn't see any wildlife unfortunately! But the views were breathtaking. 
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Me and Bullseye crossing the Spray River.

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My big pink giraffe Rocky enjoying his neck scratches #banfftrailriders #horsebackbanff #horses #horsesofinstagram #cowboy
Days end 🐴🐎

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Many horse people out there know who Peter Campbell was. He was an incredibly talented and well known horse trainer that the world lost far too soon and he got his start right here at Warner Stables. Today I was given what is possibly the most meaningful gift I’ve ever received. Peter’s brother, my friend Bruce Campbell, gave me Peter’s Garcia Spurs. The very ones he wore while training the many wonderful horses he rode and teaching the wonders of horsemanship to thousands of budding horsemen and women. I am truly humbled by this amazing gift and will hopefully prove worthy of wearing them and help keep Peters legacy alive. Thank you so much Bruce and I will cherish these always! #banfftrailriders #horsebackbanff #petercampbelllegacy #horsemanship #banff #cowboy #buckaroo #cowboyshit
The ever charismatic Quarry telling the rest of the boys how things run around here! #banfftrailriders #horsebackbanff #horses #horsesofinstagram
Bart getting some pop tart treats from Mama Jill #banfftrailriders #horsebackbanff