Banff Sleigh Rides, a true Banff classic.

There’s nothing quite like gliding over sparkling snow in a horse-drawn sleigh — especially when you’re surrounded by some of the most gorgeous mountains in the world.

Once you’re snuggled under wool blankets, our cowboy guide cracks the reins and your journey through the Canadian Rockies begins.

You’ll travel into the Bow River Valley where soaring pines stand in the shadow of sky-piercing peaks. And in this wilderness, the only sounds that disturb the silence are the clomping of hooves and the jingle of your horses’ harness.

It all makes for great ambience, whether you’re snuggling up with someone special or packing the whole family in for a ride.


  • Take in views of Sulphur Mountain through the spectacular Bow River Valley
  • See remote areas of Banff that are harder to reach on foot
  • Choose between a group sleigh ride or a romantic sleigh ride for two
  • Children three and under ride free
  • Our horses are super friendly. Feel free to give them a pat or a good scratch on the cheek!
Banff Sleigh Ride
Family Fun

Sleigh Ride

Spend some time in a winter wonderland on a sleigh ride through the mountain meadows. Our excursion begins at Warner Stables where you can see the operations of a working ranch, chat with the staff and visit with some of our team. Then it’s time to snuggle down under warm wool blankets and enjoy spectacular views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Watch for wildlife as our guides take you on a quintessential winter experience. A delightful treat for all members of the family. Your memorable excursion includes a fireside warmup stop after the ride where you can toast a marshmallow and enjoy a warm drink back at the stables.  Weather and snow conditions permitting. The activity takes approximately 45 minutes including time by the campfire. Advance reservations are recommended. Sleigh rides depart from Warner Stables. There are two
per person
Throughout the day
45 Mins
Private Banff sleigh ride with sparkling wine with Banff Trail Riders
Limited Space

Private Sleigh Ride

Our romantic sleigh ride package is perfect for just the two of you! Experience the romance of Banff in winter on a private sleigh ride for two along the foothills of the Canadian Rockies with great views of Banff’s surrounding mountains. Ride with a loved one in a small 2 seat cutter sleigh – a true one-horse open sleigh! This 45 minute sleigh ride package includes a fireside stop with sparkling wine, chocolates and an authentic buffalo robe for extra warmth to make your ride truly special. A magical ride perfect for a romantic date, engagement or a special treat. Reservations and payment are required for sleigh rides throughout Christmas-New Year and Valentines Day, due to high demand on those days. Sleigh rides depart from Warner Stables, located a short drive from downtown Banff.
per person
Throughout the day
45 Mins