The Most Popular Banff Horseback Ride, Bow River Trail
Banff Horseback Ride with BBQ

The most popular Banff horseback ride follows beside the very river that has sculpted and shaped the Bow Valley since the last ice age.

Its turquoise glacial waters twist through and around an ecosystem unique to this area while the surrounding mountains provide vibrant and endless vistas. This is the Banff Trail Riders’ Bow River Ride. The one hour ride is our most popular adventure, and also our most accessible one, and it’s found right at our doorstep.

Perfect for Beginner Riders

No riding experience? No problem! From assisting you on to your horse to a simple riding instruction before your ride, there’s friendly guides with you the whole way. This gentle one-hour ride is at a walking pace along well maintained trails, with lead and tail guides at either end of the small group of riders to answer any questions that you might have along the way.

Take a guided Banff horseback ride with your friendly guide with Banff Trail Riders in the Canadian Rockies


Take a guided horseback ride along the Bow River with Banff Trail Riders in the Canadian Rockies
Most Popular

Bow River Ride - 1 Hr

Treat yourself to a relaxing one-hour ride that takes you past some of the most awe-evoking scenery in Banff National Park.   Ride along the tranquil Bow River, an area home to wildlife in amongst the thick marshes and grassy meadows. And if you look up, you might spot an
per person
Throughout the day
1 Hour
8yrs+, 230lbs limit

Banff’s Mountain Scenery and Wildlife

Starting at our Warner Stables in Banff, a place that has a historical presence itself with the establishment of Banff’s only and one of North America’s largest horse outfitters, this trip will take you through a wetland ecosystem unique to this area, past the Cave and Basin National Historic Site (where Banff and Canada’s National Park system was founded) and along the Bow River itself. Spotting wildlife is very common as this area is a favourite among birds, beavers, elk, deer, muskrats, and more. Overwhelm your senses with us while the flora, fauna, and sounds of wildlife come from every direction in our protected playground that is Canada’s first National Park.

Ride along the Bow River on the Bow River Ride with Banff Trail Riders in the Canadian Rockies

Our Banff Bow River Horseback Ride is popular for many reasons but what most guests don’t expect, is the diversity in the ecosystems of this area. You won’t find another place like it in Banff. This is partly due to the hot spring waters from the Cave and Basin percolating the soft ground below – it’s also because of the flat lands capturing meltwater and providing a haven for grass, bush, and water-dwelling birds like cranes, ducks, and geese. Under the Rocky Mountain sky, listen to the many sounds that populate the area – it’s alive, flourishing, and waiting to be explored on our Banff horseback rides.

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Stepping Stone to Longer Rides

This trail ride may be just what you need to fix that urge for a western-style experience – but if you’re yearning for more, be sure to check out any of our other horseback adventures ranging from longer Banff horseback trail rides to multi-day horseback riding vacations.

Ride to the summit at Allenby Pass with Banff Trail Riders in the Canadian Rockies

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