With about 300 horses in our stables, we’re able to pinpoint the absolute perfect horse for any rider.

That means if you’ve never been riding before, we’ll be sure to pair you with the most mild-mannered horse available. So you can enjoy the experience.

After all, Banff Trail Riders wants both seasoned horsemen and horsewomen as well as new riders to have the time of their lives.


Meet Rooster! Rooster is one of the newer additions to our guest horse team and he’s one of the first guest horses to wear the company’s new brand. He came to us last year fully trained and ready to go. After working with our guides for a year, Rooster has


Meet Oliver! A favourite mule among the packers, Oliver has learned a lot since joining the team at Banff Trail Riders. He used to be a mule with a swift kick and excellent aim but now he is mellow and happy doing his job: carrying grain to our lodge side


Meet Tucker! Tucker is a horse that never tires. Whether he’s working in town, showing guests around our trails leaving from Warner Stables, or bringing guests to our backcountry sites, you can always count on Tucker to be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to work! His positive attitude and strong work


Meet Hershey! Hershey is just as sweet as the chocolate of his namesake. An experienced guest horse, Hershey loves showing guests around our trails, both in town and in the backcountry. He is always the first horse to meet you at the gate in the mornings and has an “in


Meet Sterling! The flood of 2013 completely engulfed the barns with water and brought with it aquatic life that typically doesn’t live alongside our horses. Shortly after this time, Stirling caught potomic horse fever, a bacterial infection caused by eating the residue left by certain snails carried into the pens


Meet Coyote! Coyote is just one of those horses everybody wants in their guest string. Usually working as a kid’s horse, he is gentle and calm when it comes to showing our young riders around the trails. He is also used for our adult riders who are still kids-at-heart, showing

Red Hot

Meet Red Hot! Red Hot is a lunch mule loved by all backcountry guides and guests. Not only is he friendly, easy to pack, and happy to walk along any trail, he does it in style with his flashy white socks rich colour. He’s also an excellent riding mule, making


Meet Crystal! Crystal usually works as a pack mule, carrying supplies to and from our backcountry camps. She is also an excellent riding mule, occasionally carrying the packer to give his horse a break and often used for the mule race at our staff fun day. She was trained right


Meet Posse! While often mistaken for a cow, this giant guest horse certainly pulls his weight within the company. He used to be an expedition horse, and as such has seen more of the backcountry of Banff National Park than most people! He still enjoys showing guests around our trails


Meet Wesson! During the winter months, Wesson shows guests around our sleigh trail with his matched partner, Ned. During the summer months, he works as a riding horse, carrying guides both in town and in the backcountry. Wesson’s versatility makes him an excellent asset to the Banff Trail Rider’s team,