With about 300 horses in our stables, we’re able to pinpoint the absolute perfect horse for any rider.

That means if you’ve never been riding before, we’ll be sure to pair you with the most mild-mannered horse available. So you can enjoy the experience.

After all, Banff Trail Riders wants both seasoned horsemen and horsewomen as well as new riders to have the time of their lives.


Meet Aardvark! This awesome appaloosa mule is both broke to ride and pack. He is a favourite among many and has quite the character! A lesson all of the new packers must learn when packing Aardvark is he loves food. He will eat anything you offer him. He not only


Meet Amigo! Amigo is a horse who loves being “outta town.” Working as a cook’s horse and a guide horse, he has seen all of our backcountry camps and knows the trails by heart. This summer Amigo will be starting a new job as a guest horse, showing visitors those


Meet Bart! This Fjord cross can be found on carriages downtown during the summer and for the winter months, he spends his time taking people on private sleigh rides. Bart is a powerhouse, who always gives 110% in whatever he is asked to do.  This beautiful boy is also broke


Meet Bluto! Joining the Banff Trail Riders team in 2014, Bluto has learned everything from accepting a saddle and bridle to listening to cues from his rider. Now Bluto is a favourite among the guides and he will soon be graduating from the training program. He is well on his


Meet Caribou! Anyone who has joined us for a Cowboy for a Day trip or a backcountry excursion and had the pleasure of having Caribou as a lunch mule will surely not forget this character! Caribou is a very friendly mule who loves having the inside of his ears scratched.


Meet CB! CB is named for the freeze brand on his right hip which resembles a “C lazy B”. CB joined the Banff Trail Riders team with some pretty cool training behind him. Although he just wasn’t cut out to make it to the top of this athletic career, he


Meet Chief! Chief is our smallest riding horse, but what he lacks in size he makes up in attitude! We fondly dub Chief “Satan’s Little Pet” and he has given some of our best cowboys a wild ride. But with time he’s coming around and enjoying his job guiding trail


Meet Clint! You can find this boy at our Spray River Corrals location in the summer. He is excellent with kids and has no problems keeping up with the rest of the group. If you want to ride a horse with little to no effort, Clint is your guy! In


Meet Cisco! Some people say it’s bad luck to change a horse’s name. But when a buckskin named Mickey came to the barn – who looked exactly like Kevin Costner’s horse in the movie Dances with Wolves – we had to change his name to Cisco. Now Cisco is in


Meet Coyote! Coyote is just one of those horses everybody wants in their guest string. Usually working as a kid’s horse, he is gentle and calm when it comes to showing our young riders around the trails. He is also used for our adult riders who are still kids-at-heart, showing


Meet Crocus! This little molly mule has a sweet tooth like no other. She is always looking for more candy especially when you eat in front of her! She is usually found on our tent side leading a string of mules to our camps. Crocus is not only broke to


Meet Crystal! Crystal usually works as a pack mule, carrying supplies to and from our backcountry camps. She is also an excellent riding mule, occasionally carrying the packer to give his horse a break and often used for the mule race at our staff fun day. She was trained right


Meet Dutch! Dutch is one of the gentle giants who grace our guest horse string. He has years of experience working for the company and he knows the ins and outs of all the trails we offer. He can often be seen showing guests around or ferrying our cooks to


Meet Daisy! This little molly mule is used for both packing and riding. She can usually be found on our lodge side trips as a lunch mule but has also been in the Canada day parade on Banff Avenue. There are not very many mules around that are too keen


Meet Danny! This eye catching mule was almost named `Jimmy,` after our General Manager but it was then decided he related better with the name `Danny.` He works hard in the summers to transport guest duffel, groceries, and horse feed into the back country. With his stocky build, this guy


Meet Denver! This little guy may be small but you would never guess it by watching him work. Denver is known for his willing attitude and fast walk. Many staff over the years have come to love him and this summer, it’s time for our guests to experience riding him!


Meet Dexter! Dexter is a unique looking horse with his light pinto colouring. He is also an incredibly comfortable horse to ride and he knows all the best lookouts along the trail. He isn’t so fond of our “nose to tail” riding style, however, preferring a bit of space around


Meet Doc! Doc is one of our gentle giants who came to Banff Trail Riders along with his matching brother, Pat. Although he is one of the tallest horses in the herd – with legs a mile long – Doc is hands down the slowest horse on the property! But


Meet Duke! Duke is a little horse with a big personality. Coming to Banff Trail Riders at the end of the 2014 season with minimal training, Duke wasn’t sure he really wanted to listen to his rider. He would much prefer to stand around and admire the scenery than walk


Meet Francis! This big boy was bred to be a bucking horse! If you ever meet him, you will see why he ended up as a trail horse instead. Francis eases the minds of even the most nervous riders the moment they get on the trail. With his very slow


Meet Freckles! Freckles is mostly used as a kids horse at our main location. He enjoys being fawned over by all of the children! He has been an awesome addition to our team, but unfortunately, Freckles is getting older. We only use this boy for light use and will be


Meet Freddy! Freddy is quite the character. He will always do anything you ask him to do while riding him, but he definitely prefers being ridden as opposed to being driven. Although he doesn’t like to be driven, he is one of the more diverse horses we have. Freddy is


 Meet Gump! This big Belgian mule can be found in our back country commuting duffle, groceries and feed to and from our tent camps. He is very stocky and can carry more than the average mule. He is one of our newest members to the packing team, joining us late


Meet Gus! He is one of our youngest additions to the team. Gus has not officially started his training yet as we are letting him grow and fill out over the winter. One day, Gus will make a wonderful addition to the guest horse team! Next year, he will start


Meet Hollywood! He is a palomino gelding and is one of our guest horses. Hollywood is a steady boy who is happy to take people around the trails in Banff National Park. Currently, he is spending his winter vacation at our ranch with the rest of our herd of riding


Meet Hank! Hank isn’t often seen by the public as he packs supplies in and out of our backcountry camps, but he is a popular mule among the packers because he will happily carry anything. Whether it’s a delicate load of breakable items, a smelly load of garbage, or an


Meet Harvey! Harvey is a new addition to the Banff Trail Riders team but he has quickly become a favourite among the guides. His gentlemanly personality and sensitive training make him a pleasure to ride. He will be graduating our training program soon and will begin his new career showing


Meet Heidi! This big mule is not only pretty but she also works hard. Heidi is usually found on our lodge side, hauling duffel, groceries and feed. She is a steady mule that can be trusted with most anything. You may need a ladder to get all of the gear


Meet Henson! Henson is one of our most experienced guest horses. He has been showing our customers around the trails departing from our Spray River Corrals location for years. His gentle, easy-going personality and years of experience make him an ideal, reliable guest horse for both adults and children alike.


Meet Hershey! Hershey is just as sweet as the chocolate of his namesake. An experienced guest horse, Hershey loves showing guests around our trails, both in town and in the backcountry. He is always the first horse to meet you at the gate in the mornings and has an “in


Meet Homer! Not only is Homer a regular sight in downtown Banff hooked up to one of our carriages, but he also helped build the bridge spanning Brewster Creek at our lovely Sundance Lodge. Homer helped pull logs and move supplies for the construction team. Position: Carriage Horse Colour: Dun


Meet Ike! Ike is mostly used on our lodge side trips, carrying guests’ lunch for the day. He is a mule, which is a horse crossed with a mammoth donkey, but in Ike’s case, he may be part moose. This boy is a gentle giant and is extremely good at


Meet Jackpot! Named because of the “649” brand on his left hip, Jackpot comes from an unfortunate background where he was mistreated. After coming to Banff Trail Riders, Jackpot learned to trust people again and began his training on the trails. Working as a packer’s horse allows Jackpot to see


Meet Jody! This molly mule can be found packing guest duffel, groceries, or feed during the summer. She has a birthmark on her left jaw shaped as tear drops, making her quite unique. Jody is a very good mule and is easy to get along with. She has deep brooding


Meet Jeannie! Jeannie is a very easy mule to get along with! She loves to get her ears scratched and looks forward to her grain every day. This lovely girl has been with us for a while and is typically found either carrying the eggs or our guests duffel to


Meet Jesse! One of the youngest horses in our guest string. Jesse is highly educated for this line of work. Originally trained for the competitive sport of reining, Jesse is enjoying his career as a trail horse and his gentlemanly nature makes him the perfect kid’s horse. Look out for


Meet Jester! Jester can be found both at our Spray River Corrals location as well as our main location. He has been with us for a few years now and has adapted well to the trail riding lifestyle. Jester is suited to most any rider as he is strong and


Meet Kate! This adorable molly mule is quite diverse. Not only does she carry lunch for the guests on our back country trips, but she is also broke to ride. Kate has a very sweet temperament and loves ear scratches and apples. At first, she is a little shy to


Meet Kiwi! Kiwi is a stunning blue roan gelding who loves to take guests out on tours. This guy is very photogenic as he is attentive and his colouring is quite vibrant. Thanks to his good training, he is very responsive and very willing to please. Kiwi is best suited


Meet Leroy! Leroy joined the Banff Trail Riders team in 2006 and quickly became a favourite among guests. He is a solid citizen and a very reliable horse. Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding Leroy on one of our mountain trail will certainly remember his gentlemanly personality and


Meet Manny! Manny was picked up from an auction last fall with a tag that read “Too slow. Meat horse.” While Manny may not be the fastest horse in our herd, his sweet personality and sturdy build make him an excellent trail horse and he is in training to be


Meet Max! An experienced guest horse, Max has a reputation for being reliable and quiet. He is an excellent horse for any rider who may be inexperienced or nervous around the animals and his gentle nature and surefooted stride make him an unforgettable mount for any guest who rides him.


Meet Marble! Marble is the favourite horse of backcountry guide Dennis Orr. Dennis started Marble when he first came to the outfit and the two of them have been best friends ever since. When Dennis isn’t in town, Marble is busy showing guests around the trails. Position: Guest Horse, backcountry


Meet Marshall! When Marshall joined the herd at Banff Trail Riders, he was an accomplished reining competitor looking for a good place to retire. He now enjoys showing kids around our trails both in town and in the backcountry. Position: Kid’s Horse Colour: Palomino


Meet Merlin! This guy is an awesome addition to our guest horse team. He is usually found at our main location on 100 Sundance Road. Although Merlin does like to snack sometimes on the trail, he is an extremely safe boy who can be trusted to keep any type of


Meet Myles! This beautiful bay had a rocky start with us when he came here. He was not as broke to ride as we had hoped for and Myles needed miles to be safe for our guides and around our guests. Last summer he was used as a packer horse,


Meet Norquay! Norquay – named after one of the mountains surrounding Banff – is the favourite horse of operating partner Julie Canning. This is because of the relationship the two developed while the horse was recovering from a hip injury he received during the winter of 2014. After making a


Meet Ned! Before becoming a part of the team at Banff Trail Riders, Ned was a trick horse. He now excels as carriage horse showing guests around historical downtown Banff. He sometimes decides to show off his tricks, however, by sitting or lying down… usually while still wearing a harness!


Meet Nigel! Nigel is one of the newest members here at Banff Trail Riders. His kind and willing attitude is what we look for in horses to add to our herd. Although he is only 4 years old, he is very eager to learn and is picking up his training


Meet Oliver! A favourite mule among the packers, Oliver has learned a lot since joining the team at Banff Trail Riders. He used to be a mule with a swift kick and excellent aim but now he is mellow and happy doing his job: carrying grain to our lodge side


Meet Orin! You can find this kind gelding at our Spray River Corrals location. His grullo colouring makes him look very unique and beautiful. Orin takes people through the Spray river, around the Fairmont golf course, and through a scenic forest. He has always been quite the character and is


Meet Ozzy! Ozzy came to Banff Trail Riders in the summer of 2014 along with his good buddy Bluto. At first, it was a learning curve for Ozzy to adjust to a western lifestyle in the mountains. Now, Ozzy loves his job and is happily working as a guide horse.


Meet Painter! This gelding has graduated to our guest string this year and is doing awesome! He not only loves people, but he also loves to work. One of Painter’s weaknesses is that he doesn’t like to have his feet done. We are working with him so he can be


Meet Peyto! Peyto is named after Wild Bill Peyto, legendary backcountry guide and warden of Banff National Park. While the man was known for his eccentricities, the horse is known for his goofy personality. Much like the man, Peyto the horse spends his days showing guests the best trails through


Meet Posse! While often mistaken for a cow, this giant guest horse certainly pulls his weight within the company. He used to be an expedition horse, and as such has seen more of the backcountry of Banff National Park than most people! He still enjoys showing guests around our trails


Meet Quarry! Quarry is a horse with a positive attitude. A favourite among guides, his goofy personality and happy nature makes him quite the character! Quarry has years of experience as a guide horse for Banff Trail Riders and will be starting his new career as a guest horse, showing

Red Hot

Meet Red Hot! Red Hot is a lunch mule loved by all backcountry guides and guests. Not only is he friendly, easy to pack, and happy to walk along any trail, he does it in style with his flashy white socks rich colour. He’s also an excellent riding mule, making


Meet Ringo! He is one of our recently graduated guest horses. He especially enjoys taking people out on our back country trips but can be found in town as well. Ringo is known for his responsive and willing nature. He is very eager to work and always has a skip


Meet Ritchie! Ritchie works hard in the summers, transporting guest duffel, groceries and horse feed safely to the back country camps. Although he is not the prettiest mule in the world, he certainly makes up for it in work ethic. He’s also working hard on his head shots for his


Meet Roany! This bay roan quarter horse is known for his ‘smiley’ attitude. When asked, this guy has no problem showing you his pearly whites! Not only is he a crowd pleaser, he is also a favourite to ride. Next time you visit Banff Trail Riders, be sure to keep


Meet Romeo! Romeo can be found showing guests around our trails, both in town and in the back country. He has another talent, however, that guests rarely see: he is the reigning barrel racing champion at our Staff Fun Day… for 3 years straight! Position: Guest Horse Colour: Bay


Meet Rooster! Rooster is one of the newer additions to our guest horse team and he’s one of the first guest horses to wear the company’s new brand. He came to us last year fully trained and ready to go. After working with our guides for a year, Rooster has

Route 66

Meet Route 66! He is one of our most experienced guest horses with plenty of miles under his hooves. He is quite possibly the hungriest horse in the herd and he’s always got a case of the munchies! He is the first horse to the grain bins in the morning,


Meet Roy! Roy is a big, stocky boy who was originally purchased to be a carriage horse. After an injury, however, Roy’s rehabilitation included riding and it became clear he preferred wearing a saddle instead of a collar. He is now a guide horse, leading the way for our in-town


Meet Shades! Named after the “50 Shades of Grey” franchise, Shades certainly does demonstrate varying shades of grey that change between his winter and summer coats. As is typical for a horse of his colour, he will lighten as he ages and will likely resemble a “white” horse in his


Meet Sherman! Sherman is one of the new additions to the big boy team, joining Banff Trail Riders in the summer of 2014. He is the largest horse on the property, standing 18.2 hands high! Despite his massive size, Sherman thinks he can fit in your pocket and will happily


Meet Sleeman! In the beginning of his time with us, Sleeman worked mostly in the backcountry carrying cooks and packers back and forth to their camps. He has recently graduated to the front country, where he shows guests around our in town trails. His signature look and positive attitude make


Meet Snoopy! Snoopy is suited to just about any rider, with his easy going personality and solid build. He is our own personal unicorn here at Banff Trail Riders with his distinct white coat, long forelock and mane. You can find Snoopy at our Spray River Corrals location, showing people


Meet Spider! Spider is a horse of all trades, either showing guests our wonderful trails, bringing our cooks to and from town, or carrying supplies to our backcountry camps. During the flood of 2013, Spider was even a wild horse! After the river destroyed the trails and made the backcountry


Meet Spud! Spud is a steady-eddy, go-to kinda guest horse. He isn’t too tall, or too small, and he makes the perfect horse for anyone who is a little nervous around such large animals. Not only can Spud ease someone’s fears by the end of even our shortest trail ride,


Meet Sterling! The flood of 2013 completely engulfed the barns with water and brought with it aquatic life that typically doesn’t live alongside our horses. Shortly after this time, Stirling caught potomic horse fever, a bacterial infection caused by eating the residue left by certain snails carried into the pens


Meet Strawberry! He is quite a unique looking horse. We consider him a strawberry roan, hence his name. He is found mostly escorting kids on the trails. This boy knows his job so well, if another horse tries to move out of our trail line, he takes it upon himself


Meet Studely! Studely is the smallest horse in the entire herd, standing a mere 34 cm at the withers. He is a miniature horse, meaning he will not grow any taller. He is currently in training to pull a buggy both by himself, and with his matched mini partner, Fooler.


Meet Sulphur! Sulphur is almost famous! Well, he has close ties with a certain captain of the USS Enterprise. During the summer of 2014 Sulphur showed the one-and-only William Shatner around our “Cowboy for a Day” trail during his visit to the beautiful Banff National Park. Sulphur isn’t just reserved

Sweet Pea

Meet Sweet Pea! This little mule can do it all, from packing lunches for our backcountry guests to carrying supplies into our camps and even competing at our staff fun day. Sweet Pea is a favourite among our backcountry guides because she “talks” the whole way down the trail. Position:


Meet Tamale! Tamale is the Prince Charming of the Banff Trail Riders herd. From his distinguished facial features, to his long flowing mane and tail, he definitely knows he’s the ‘Fabio’ of the horse world! If you are lucky enough to ride this handsome man on one of our in


Meet Tank! Tank is a true blue roan and he lives up to his name! This boy is very solid and loves to work. He is used as a packer horse, sometimes covering over 100 miles a week. Tank keeps our packers on their toes as he likes to spook


 Meet Titan! This beautiful boy is a Norwegian Fjord. He is known for his teddy bear like personality which matches his appearance. Titan is a very kind and willing boy who just goes with the flow. He is happy to comply with anything as long as it means his reward


Meet Tonto! This gelding has been in our training program for two summers now. He will continue to be used as a staff horse for a while to ensure he’ll be a reliable guest horse in the future. Tonto is a chestnut appaloosa who is a real eye-catcher. This boy


Meet Troy! This guy may be small but he is mighty. Troy is always ready to go for a ride, whether it be running around barrels on our staff fun day in September, or taking our guests on a trail ride during the summer. He has a great heart and


Meet Tucker! Tucker is a horse that never tires. Whether he’s working in town, showing guests around our trails leaving from Warner Stables, or bringing guests to our backcountry sites, you can always count on Tucker to be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to work! His positive attitude and strong work


Meet Twister! Twister is known for his easy going ways and for carrying guests safely around the in-town and back country trails. But don’t let his docile nature and even-paced walk fool you, when asked properly Twister can run like the wind! He is a favorite among staff for the


Meet Vegas! This beautiful boy has been with our team for quite a while. Vegas knows his job very well and is perfectly content being an ‘auto-pilot’ horse. Vegas is best suited to a rider who just wants to sit back, relax and enjoy the Rocky Mountains with little to


Meet Vic! From taking our cooks out into the back country, to guiding rides in town, this guy does it with class. With his stocky build, he has the ability to take all kinds of people out on rides. On his free time, this guy likes to fulfill his dream


Meet Vince! This guy is both a riding mule and a pack mule. Most of his days in the summer, Vince is shuttling duffle, groceries, and feed to and from our back country camps. The odd time you can find him being rode by one of the packers or guides.


Meet Wayne! This handsome Belgian has been to the Calgary Stampede this year and in 2015, competing in the heavy horse pull. He also works alongside our other driving horses doing sleigh rides in the winter. Wayne is not only strong but loves to stay busy. He loves his job


Meet Wesley! This tobiano paint is quite the handsome fellow! Not only is he good looking, he is also eager to please and loves his job. Wesley is suited to any type of rider and he has done it all in the company. He has been used in the town


Meet Wesson! During the winter months, Wesson shows guests around our sleigh trail with his matched partner, Ned. During the summer months, he works as a riding horse, carrying guides both in town and in the backcountry. Wesson’s versatility makes him an excellent asset to the Banff Trail Rider’s team,


Meet Willy! You can find this gelding at our Spray River Corrals location near the Fairmont Hotel, escorting people on our 1 hour and 3 hour rides. Willy is quite a tall horse who is ideal for tall people. He is very kindhearted and is always ready to go to


Meet Winchester! This big gelding is one of the newest additions to our Banff Trail Riders team. He has just begun training and is progressing very well. Winchester is a very nice minded boy who is quiet on the trail. Once he becomes more consistent, he should be graduating to