With about 300 horses in our stables, we’re able to pinpoint the absolute perfect horse for any rider.

That means if you’ve never been riding before, we’ll be sure to pair you with the most mild-mannered horse available. So you can enjoy the experience.

After all, Banff Trail Riders wants both seasoned horsemen and horsewomen as well as new riders to have the time of their lives.


Meet Aardvark! This awesome appaloosa mule is both broke to ride and pack. He is a favourite among many and has quite the character! A lesson all of the new packers must learn when packing Aardvark is he loves food. He will eat anything you offer him. He not only


Meet Amigo! This little horse absolutely loves taking guests into the back country on our multi-day trips! He is a sure-footed and reliable horse that we can always count on to take our younger and more nervous guests down the trail. Amigo has been on every trail and to every


Meet Bart! Bart is trained to both ride and to pull carriages and sleighs. Bart used to work downtown Banff taking guests on carriage rides, but has decided to make a change and take guest around horseback to see the trails around Banff National Park. Bart is always full of


Meet Bugsy! Bugsy came to Banff Trail Riders at the beginning of 2015 with his brother Jesus and they are the smallest of their Banff Trail Riders’ mule family. Bugsy used to be very timid around people, and super hard to catch. Now he will come right up to you


Meet Lakota! This appaloosa gelding has a “blanket” pattern over his rump – blanketed appaloosas have a large white patch over the hind end with spots the same colour as the rest of their body. This handsome fellow is currently a guide horse, leading the way and showing our guests


Meet Roper! Roper is one of our hard working mules that takes groceries, duffel and feed out to our most remote camps. Roper loves his job, and even cries out to his packer saying “you forgot me” if he is left behind at camp for a day off. He loves


Tater! This cute little paint pony will steel your heart! He enjoys lots of attention from his two-legged friends and is one of the first ones at the gate in the morning. This youngster is a recent addition to Banff Trail Riders and will be continuing his training as a


Super Trooper! Trooper is a friendly fellow that enjoys taking guests into the backcountry on our multiday adventures. He came to Banff Trail Riders in 2017 with his brother Turnpike. Trooper has a huge heart and is always eager to please. Anyone who has the pleasure of riding this boy


Meet Turnpike! This big, beautiful boy and his brother Trooper came to Banff Trail Riders in 2017. Turnpike is always eager to please and has a playful personality. He absolutely loves the water; splashing around in the river is his favourite activity. Anyone who gets the pleasure of riding this


Meet CB! CB is named for the freeze brand on his right hip which resembles a “C lazy B”. CB joined the Banff Trail Riders team with some pretty cool training behind him. Although he just wasn’t cut out to make it to the top of this athletic career, he


Meet Clint! You can find this boy at our Spray River Corrals location in the summer. He is excellent with kids and has no problems keeping up with the rest of the group. If you want to ride a horse with little to no effort, Clint is your guy! In


Meet Spanky! Spanky is a fun-loving gelding that loves taking his two-legged riding partners out on the trail. He is very well mannered and is a pleasure to ride. He is a go to for our guides to ride so he can show them the ropes when they first arrive


Meet Coyote! Coyote is just one of those horses everybody wants in their guest string. Usually working as a kid’s horse, he is gentle and calm when it comes to showing our young riders around the trails. He is also used for our adult riders who are still kids-at-heart, showing


Meet Pilsner! Pilsner is a friendly horse who enjoys taking guests out on our multiday trips into the backcountry. He is a stocky build which makes him perfect for trail riding in the Canadian Rockies. Pilsner is a pleasure to ride and every guest falls in love with this amazing


Meet Johnson! This sorrel gelding is a well-mannered horse that knows his way around the trail. Johnson spends most of his time showing children the way around the national park at Warner Stables during the summer months. Position: Guest Horse Colour: Sorrel


Meet Hercules! Hercules came to Banff Trail Riders in the spring of 2022 as a 3-year-old. This youngster is a big draft cross with a lot of personality and a big heart! When he arrived, he was quite timid and nervous of new things and had minimal training under harness


Meet Gunner! The beautiful palomino gelding comes from an unfortunate background where he was mistreated. When he arrived at Banff Trail Riders, he was very nervous of new people and didn’t trust his handlers. He is now working as a backcountry guide horse learning to trust people and gain confidence


Meet Danny! This eye catching mule is considered a bay mule in colour; the reason he looks different than most bays is because he received the “primitive marking” gene from the donkey side of his breeding. Primitive markings include the white highlights around the eyes and muzzle, the black cross


Meet Dexter! Dexter is a unique looking horse with his light pinto colouring. He is also an incredibly comfortable horse to ride and he knows all the best lookouts along the trail. He isn’t so fond of our “nose to tail” riding style, however, preferring a bit of space around


Meet Crockett! Crockett is one of our heavy horses that pulls our carriages in the summer and sleighs throughout the winter. He is full of personality and will make any ride he takes you on a pleasure. Position: Carriage Horse Colour: Red Roan


Meet Cowboy! Cowboy is always so eager to show people are Banff National Park! He prefers living in the backcountry and loves bringing cooks to and from camp. Cowboy has a can-do attitude and is up for any adventure on the trail! Position: Guest Horse Colour: Pinto


Meet Freddy! Freddy is quite the character. He will always do anything you ask him to do while riding him, but he definitely prefers being ridden as opposed to being driven. Although he doesn’t like to be driven, he is one of the more diverse horses we have. Freddy is


Meet Concho. Concho is always eager to show guests around Banff National Park. This horse has so much heart, willingness, and loves spending time with people. Concho is always one of the first horses at the gait ready to work for the day! You can find Concho over at the


Photo Credit: Maureen Schmidt Photography Meet Hollywood! He is a palomino gelding and is one of our guest horses. Hollywood is a steady boy who is happy to take people around the trails in Banff National Park. Currently, he is spending his winter vacation at our ranch with the rest


Meet Hank! Hank isn’t often seen by the public as he packs supplies in and out of our backcountry camps, but he is a popular mule among the packers because he will happily carry anything. Whether it’s a delicate load of breakable items, a smelly load of garbage, or an


Meet Heidi! This big mule is not only pretty but she also works hard. Heidi is usually found on our lodge side, hauling duffel, groceries and feed. She is a steady mule that can be trusted with most anything. You may need a ladder to get all of the gear


Meet Bjorn! Bjorn is small but he is mighty! You can find him at Warner Stables in the summer as well as in the wintertime. He is used as a trail horse in the summer and drives sleighs during the winter months. This beautiful boy and his playful personality will


Meet Homer! Homer is very well trained and is able to pull carriages as well as ride! He is currently a guest horse at Warner Stables and frequently takes guests back country where he hopes to show them the beautiful Sundance Lodge, but mostly his handy work there. Homer helped


Meet Astro! This sweet paint horse is a dream to ride and will steal your heart if you get the chance to meet him. He is very well mannered, gentle, and loves to take adults and children alike out on any ride Banff Trail Riders has to offer. Position: Guest


Meet Jackpot! Named because of the “649” brand on his left thigh, Jackpot comes from an unfortunate background where he was mistreated. After coming to Banff Trail Riders, Jackpot learned to trust people again and began his training on the trails. Working as a packer’s horse allows Jackpot to see


Meet Kate! This adorable molly mule is quite diverse. Not only does she carry lunch for the guests on our back country trips, but she is also broke to ride. Kate has a very sweet temperament and loves ear scratches and apples. At first, she is a little shy to


Meet Kiwi! Kiwi is a stunning blue roan gelding who loves to take guests out on tours. This guy is very photogenic as he is attentive and his colouring is quite vibrant. Thanks to his good training, he is very responsive and very willing to please. Kiwi is best suited


Meet Leroy! Leroy joined the Banff Trail Riders team in 2006 and quickly became a favourite among guests. He is a solid citizen and a very reliable horse. Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding Leroy on one of our mountain trail will certainly remember his gentlemanly personality and


Meet Manny! We purchased Manny from an auction in 2015, he had a note on his stall that said “Too slow. Meat Horse”. We knew that this beautiful boy just had to come home with us, and anyone who has ridden him is happy that he is here! Manny has


Meet Merlin! This guy is an awesome addition to our guest horse team. He is usually found at our main location on 100 Sundance Road. Although Merlin does like to snack sometimes on the trail, he is an extremely safe boy who can be trusted to keep any type of


Photo Credit: Maureen Schmidt Photography Meet Myles! This beautiful bay had a rocky start with us when he came here. He was not as broke to ride as we had hoped for and Myles needed miles to be safe for our guides and around our guests. Last summer he was


Meet Norquay! Norquay – named after one of the mountains surrounding Banff – is the favourite horse of operating partner Julie Canning. This is because of the relationship the two developed while the horse was recovering from a hip injury he received during the winter of 2014. After making a


Meet Nigel! Nigel came to Banff Trail Riders in fall of 2015. His kind and willing attitude is what we look for in all horses when adding them to the family. He came to us as a 4 year old with some training, but his personality made him a pleasure


Meet Orin! You can find this kind gelding at our Banff Springs Corrals location. His grullo colouring makes him look very unique and beautiful. Orin takes people through the Spray River, around the Fairmont golf course, and through a scenic forest. He has always been quite the character and is


Meet Peyto! Peyto is named after Wild Bill Peyto, legendary backcountry guide and warden of Banff National Park. While the man was known for his eccentricities, the horse is known for his goofy personality. Much like the man, Peyto the horse spends his days showing guests the best trails through


Meet Quarry! Quarry has one of the biggest personalities in the herd, his goofy and charming attitude will win your vote every time. Quarry loves to be at near the front of the line so that he can show you the trails! Quarry has some pretty unique markings, on his


Meet Ringo! Ringo is a beautiful black and white Paint with an unusual marking. On the dark side of his face he has an ice blue eye; which tends to only happen if the horse’s face has a white marking around it! Ringo can be found at our Warner Stables


Meet Ritchie! Ritchie works hard in the summers, transporting guest duffel, groceries and horse feed safely to the back country camps. Although he is not the prettiest mule in the world, he certainly makes up for it in work ethic. He’s also working hard on his head shots for his


Meet Jack! Jack is a been there done that kind of horse. From going out to our backcountry camps to guiding our rides in town, Jack has done it all! He is a favorite among staff and is always the one guides want to ride!   Position: Guide Horse Colour:


Meet Roy! Roy is a big, stocky boy who was originally purchased to be a carriage horse. After an injury, however, Roy’s rehabilitation included riding and it became clear he preferred wearing a saddle instead of a collar. Roy is now a guest horse taking riders out from our Warner


Meet Chinook! Chinook is the “jack of all trades” horse. From taking guests out on the trail to pulling our 4-person family sleigh in the winter, this horse can do it all! Although Chinook is a big boy, he is a gentle giant that loves to show our guests around


Meet Sleeman! In the beginning of his time with us, Sleeman worked mostly in the backcountry carrying cooks and packers back and forth to their camps. He has recently graduated to the front country, where he shows guests around our in town trails. His signature look and positive attitude make


Meet Spider! Spider is a horse of all trades, either showing guests our wonderful trails, bringing our cooks to and from town, or carrying supplies to our backcountry camps. During the flood of 2013, Spider was even a wild horse! After the river destroyed the trails and made the backcountry


Meet Spud! Spud is a steady-eddy, go-to kinda guest horse. He isn’t too tall, or too small, and he makes the perfect horse for anyone who is a little nervous around such large animals. Not only can Spud ease someone’s fears by the end of even our shortest trail ride,


Meet Sterling! The flood of 2013 completely engulfed the barns with water and brought with it aquatic life that typically doesn’t live alongside our horses. Shortly after this time, Sterling caught potomic horse fever, a bacterial infection caused by eating the residue left by certain snails carried into the pens


Meet Sulphur! Sulphur is almost famous! Well, he has close ties with a certain captain of the USS Enterprise. During the summer of 2014 Sulphur showed the one-and-only William Shatner around our “Cowboy for a Day” trail during his visit to the beautiful Banff National Park. Sulphur isn’t just reserved

Sweet Pea

Meet Sweet Pea! This little mule can do it all, from packing lunches for our backcountry guests to carrying supplies into our camps and even competing at our staff fun day. Sweet Pea is a favourite among our backcountry guides because she “talks” the whole way down the trail. Position:


Meet Tamale! Tamale is the Prince Charming of the Banff Trail Riders’ herd. From his distinguished facial features, to his long flowing mane and tail, he definitely knows he’s the ‘Fabio’ of the horse world! If you are lucky enough to ride this handsome man on one of hourly or


 Meet Titan! This beautiful boy is a Norwegian Fjord. He is known for his teddy bear like personality which matches his appearance. Titan is a very kind and willing boy who just goes with the flow. He is happy to comply with anything as long as it means his reward


Meet Tucker! Tucker is a horse that never tires. Whether he’s working in town, showing guests around our trails leaving from Warner Stables, or bringing guests to our backcountry sites, you can always count on Tucker to be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to work! His positive attitude and strong work


Meet Twister! Twister is known for his easy going ways and for carrying guests safely around the in-town and back country trails. Twister loves to take our youngest riders out on trails. He knows his job very well and makes confident little riders out of our nervous, young guests. But


Meet Vic! From taking our cooks out into the back country, to guiding rides in town, this guy does it with class. With his stocky build, he has the ability to take all kinds of people out on rides. On his free time, this guy likes to fulfill his dream


Meet Wayne! Wayne went to Calgary in 2015 and 2016 to compete in the Heavy Horse Pull at the Calgary Stampede. He also works alongside our other driving horses doing sleigh rides in the winter. Wayne is not only strong but loves to stay busy. He loves his job and


Meet Wesley! This tobiano paint is quite the handsome fellow! Not only is he good looking, he is also eager to please and loves his job. Wesley is suited to any type of rider and he has done it all in the company. He has been used in the town


Meet Luke, AKA, Chunky! This gentle giant loves people! Although new to our herd, Luke has settled in and become a well-loved addition to our team! Luke’s two favourite things are naps and snuggles! On his off time, you will most likely find him sleeping in the sunshine. Whether you’re


Meet Willy! You can find this gelding at our Banff Springs Corrals location near the Fairmont Hotel, escorting people on our 1 hour and 3 hour rides. Willy is quite a tall horse who is ideal for tall people. He is very kindhearted and is always ready to go to