How to Ride A Horse
Mount for a Horseback Ride in Banff, Canadian Rockies with Banff Trail Riders

Looking for a few tips to learn how to ride a horse?

Horseback trail ride from the Banff Springs Corrals with Banff Trail Riders

Horseback riding is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed at all skill levels. But if it’s your first time in the saddle, it’s helpful to know at least a little bit.

Check out our helpful ride guide ahead of your next horseback adventure with Banff Trail Riders. Be assured that our guides also provide an instruction overview at the start of every ride, as well as be happy to answer any questions that you may have during the ride.

The Basics of Western Style Riding

Your friendly guide will give you a brief riding instruction before your horseback ride with Banff Trail Riders in the Canadian Rockies

All of the rides with Banff Trail Riders use the Western Riding style, which is different to English Riding that some riders may be experienced in. The main differences are the saddle and use of neck reining, where riders will take both reins in one hand to direct the horse using very little pressure.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to pick up the basics and our cowboys will review all of this with you before your ride!

Ride Guide Video

Instructions and Etiquette – English

Banff Trail Riders Ride Guide in English

Instructions and Etiquette – Other Languages

Banff Trails Riders Ride Guide in TaiwaneseBanff Trail Riders Ride Guide in KoreanBanff Trail Riders Ride Guide in Chinese