It’s warm, cozy and just the right amount of rustic.

But what really makes the Sundance Lodge a special place to stay is the quintessential Old West history that surrounds this place.

The 10-room log cabin was built in 1991 with locally harvested timber. It sits near the original Ten-Mile Cabin, constructed in 1923, that was used as a rest shelter for trail riders heading to Mount Assiniboine.

Set against the looming Sundance Mountain Range and surrounded by thick woods, Sundance Lodge feels remote and secluded despite being just 16 kilometres (10 miles) from the Town of Banff.

Watch for wildlife on the porch or settle into a comfortable chair near the crackling fireplace and kick up your feet. You’ll know when it’s getting close to supper time: the smell of baking bread or sizzling steak wafts through the entire lodge.

In the summer, horseback riders on the lodge backcountry vacations will stay at the lodge, and in the winter the lodge reopens for overnight guests who make their own way in by snowshoes, cross-country skis or fat bike.

Winter overnight stays at Sundance Lodge

All you hear is the rhythmic sound of your skis gliding against packed snow.

The forest is blanketed in an undisturbed layer of white powder. There’s no sign of civilization. And yet, you’re exploring just outside the Banff townsite.

Despite being just an 11.6 or 16 kilometre ski, fat bike or snowshoe trip to Sundance Lodge, the quiet wilderness makes it feel as if you’re deep within the backcountry.

Once you arrive at the lodge, relax by the fire and enjoy hot chocolate and a home-cooked meal. You can even refresh with a warm shower before heading to bed.

The trail to Sundance Lodge is rated easy to moderate, with an elevation gain of 173 metres (568 feet) or 318 metres (1.038 feet) depending on the starting point, and is mainly uphill on the way in. The trail has moderate inclines and declines and while possible for all skill levels, beginner cross-country skiers or fat bikers may prefer to snowshoe in to the lodge.

Here’s what else you should know:

  • The lodge is powered by solar and heated by burning wood from the cozy fireplace
  • This place is known for its great food. We think the massive kitchen brings out the best in our cooks, who fully cater with a rotating seasonal menu
  • Amenities include a cozy living room, a large kitchen and indoor washrooms with hot showers
  • There’s 10 guest bedrooms, sleeping up to 34 people (26 people in the winter)
  • The lodge is available for exclusive use, which means you can book the entire log cabin for a group event
  • There is no cell service in the areas we ride to but there is radio communication in case of emergencies
  • There is no electricity or internet/wifi available at the lodge
  • All meals are included and there is limited selection of alcohol available to purchase
  • For full details please see our detailed list on what to bring on a lodge trip

How to get here:

No roads lead to this retreat – instead, enjoy a 16-kilometre horseback ride in the summer from Banff or a 11-kilometre cross-country ski, snowshoe or fat bike in winter from the Healy Creek Trailhead located just a short drive from the Town of Banff.

Trips to Sundance Lodge

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