Meet CB! CB is named for the freeze brand on his right hip which resembles a “C lazy B”. CB joined the Banff Trail Riders team with some pretty cool training behind him. Although he just wasn’t cut out to make it to the top of this athletic career, he

Meet Clint! You can find this boy at our Spray River Corrals location in the summer. He is excellent with kids and has no problems keeping up with the rest of the group. If you want to ride a horse with little to no effort, Clint is your guy! In

Meet Spanky! Spanky is a fun-loving gelding that loves taking his two-legged riding partners out on the trail. He is very well mannered and is a pleasure to ride. He is a go to for our guides to ride so he can show them the ropes when they first arrive

Meet Coyote! Coyote is just one of those horses everybody wants in their guest string. Usually working as a kid’s horse, he is gentle and calm when it comes to showing our young riders around the trails. He is also used for our adult riders who are still kids-at-heart, showing

Meet Pilsner! Pilsner is a friendly horse who enjoys taking guests out on our multiday trips into the backcountry. He is a stocky build which makes him perfect for trail riding in the Canadian Rockies. Pilsner is a pleasure to ride and every guest falls in love with this amazing

Meet Johnson! This sorrel gelding is a well-mannered horse that knows his way around the trail. Johnson spends most of his time showing children the way around the national park at Warner Stables during the summer months. Position: Guest Horse Colour: Sorrel

Meet Hercules! Hercules came to Banff Trail Riders in the spring of 2022 as a 3-year-old. This youngster is a big draft cross with a lot of personality and a big heart! When he arrived, he was quite timid and nervous of new things and had minimal training under harness

Meet Gunner! The beautiful palomino gelding comes from an unfortunate background where he was mistreated. When he arrived at Banff Trail Riders, he was very nervous of new people and didn’t trust his handlers. He is now working as a backcountry guide horse learning to trust people and gain confidence

Meet Danny! This eye catching mule is considered a bay mule in colour; the reason he looks different than most bays is because he received the “primitive marking” gene from the donkey side of his breeding. Primitive markings include the white highlights around the eyes and muzzle, the black cross

Meet Dexter! Dexter is a unique looking horse with his light pinto colouring. He is also an incredibly comfortable horse to ride and he knows all the best lookouts along the trail. He isn’t so fond of our “nose to tail” riding style, however, preferring a bit of space around