Meet Bugsy! Bugsy came to Banff Trail Riders at the beginning of 2015 with his brother Jesus and they are the smallest of their Banff Trail Riders’ mule family. Bugsy used to be very timid around people, and super hard to catch. Now he will come right up to you

Bluto was amongst the first horses purchased by the company in 2014 once receiving the new Banff Trail Rider’s name and ownership. He was a young horse with very little training under his saddle. He was trained on site with us and has proven to be a smart and lovely

Meet CB! CB is named for the freeze brand on his right hip which resembles a “C lazy B”. CB joined the Banff Trail Riders team with some pretty cool training behind him. Although he just wasn’t cut out to make it to the top of this athletic career, he

Meet Clint! You can find this boy at our Spray River Corrals location in the summer. He is excellent with kids and has no problems keeping up with the rest of the group. If you want to ride a horse with little to no effort, Clint is your guy! In

Meet Cisco! Some people say it’s bad luck to change a horse’s name. But when a buckskin named Mickey came to the barn – who looked exactly like Kevin Costner’s horse in the movie Dances with Wolves – we had to change his name to Cisco. This beautiful gelding can

Meet Coyote! Coyote is just one of those horses everybody wants in their guest string. Usually working as a kid’s horse, he is gentle and calm when it comes to showing our young riders around the trails. He is also used for our adult riders who are still kids-at-heart, showing

Meet Crocus! This little molly mule has a sweet tooth like no other. She is always looking for more candy especially when you eat in front of her! She is usually found on our tent side leading a string of mules to our camps. Crocus is not only broke to

Meet Crystal! Crystal usually works as a pack mule, carrying supplies to and from our backcountry camps. She is also an excellent riding mule, occasionally carrying the packer to give his horse a break and often used for the mule race at our staff fun day. She was trained right

Meet Dutch! Dutch is one of the gentle giants who grace our guest horse string. He has years of experience working for the company and he knows the ins and outs of all the trails we offer. Dutch can be found at our Banff Springs Corrals location showing guests around

Meet Daisy! This little molly mule is used for both packing and riding. She can usually be found on our lodge side trips as a lunch mule but has also been in the Canada day parade on Banff Avenue. There are not very many mules around that are too keen